Star Trek Online Players Pay Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

Star Trek Online players have gathered to pay tribute to the legendary Leonard Nimoy who passed away at the age of 83.

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor The Bright Lord DLC is Out Now

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor‘s latest DLC The Bright Lord is already out now.

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GTA V Heist Online Launches in March; GTA V PC Pushed to April

There is good news and bad news for GTA V: the good news is Rockstar has announced that Heists for GTA V is coming for the consoles, and that it will be released on March 10 for the console versions. The bad news is that it’s delayed again for April.

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Rumors of PC System Requirements for The Division

Ubisoft’s upcoming shooter game The Division‘s popularity has soured during the last couple of E3 events.

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Diablo 3 Latest Patch 2.2.0 Adds New Legendaries, Goblins, and Bounties

Blizzard’s Diablo 3 has shared its first details of the upcoming patch 2.2.0 that will feature new Legendaries, Goblins, and Bounties, which will help expand the game’s lifespan with new features. This will be the second biggest patch since Reaper of Souls that was launched last year.

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Analyst Reports PlayStation 4 Will Outsell Xbox One 40% by 2019

An analysis from Strategy Analytics says that PlayStation 4 will maintain its strong lead over Xbox One and will outsell it by 40 percent by 2019.

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The Order: 1886 Reviews Around The Gaming Sites

If you are planning to pick up The Order: 1886 this week you might want to check out the review scores that we have gathered around the gaming sites.

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Square Enix to Allow Revival of Old Game Franchises

If you are a fan of old games like Gex, Fear Effect, and other old Square Enix games you’re in luck. Square Enix is expanding its crowdfunding platform to allow independent developers to pitch ideas to resurrect its old game franchises, using of some of the publishers’ intellectual property.

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Darkside Games Phantom Dust Shuts Down

If you are hoping for a re-make of Phantom Dust, it won’t happen because Microsoft has cut ties with Dark Side Games studio.

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Darksiders 2: Definitive Edition Confirmed for PlayStation 4

Nordic Games has confirmed that there will be a Darksiders 2 for current-gen platforms, after it was first spotted on Amazon.

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