Evolution Studio’s DriveClub Releases 1.07 Update

DriveClub has released a 1.07 update that will include the much-awaited Photo Mode, 3 new tracks, and changes corner cutting. The patch update also features a range of tweaks on its UI, including the option to hide the results on the screen that will view post-race cameras and search for a club.

Image source: videogamer.com

PlayStation 4 Version of Sniper Elite 3 Will Have Free DLC Update

Sniper Elite 3‘s free DLC will bring in 3 new multiplayer maps, new co-operative missions, and 3 firing ranges for the new single player mode on PlayStation 4.

Image source: blog.eu.playstation.com

GTA V for PS4 and Xbox One Reviews

We’ve collected GTA V reviews across some game sites to help you decide whether to pick up the game for the current-gen consoles.

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PlanetSide 2 Beta to Hit PlayStation 4 Soon

This year, PlanetSide 2 beta will be launched for PlayStation 4. A Sony Online Entertainment executive said that the PS4 version should feel like a “full-on console experience.”

Image source: destructoid.com

DriveClub Premium November DLC Will Be Free

Evolution Studios has announced its plans to give away DriveClub‘s DLC for free following the troubled launch due to server problems. In an official statement that was posted on Friday, their announcement said, “The team at Evolution continues to work diligently to resolve all of the server issues.”

Image source: polygon.com

Amiibo Figures Can Only Store One Bit of Information At a Time

Image source: gameinformer.com

Nintendo has confirmed that Amiibo figures can only be able to store one information and game at a time and CVG reports that the platform holder advises that, “if you wish to use the data from other read/write compatible software, please erase the data in the ‘Amiibo settings’ section of the Wii U settings menu”. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t use your Amiibo figures to unlock bonuses in a game other than the one that you are currently holding data in.

Destiny Adding Matchmaking Voice Chat, Iron Banner is Returning

Image source: computerandvideogames.com

Bungie’s Destiny‘s most requested feature will be a possibility and the Iron Banner event will be returning soon with some changes. Many Destiny players were complaining that they were unable to chat in with other players before the game launched.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity Will Have a Patch Fix

Image source: polygon.com

There are numerous complaints about glitches, bugs, frame rate issues and more surrounding Assassin’s Creed: Unity, and Ubisoft has already confirmed that they are working on a bug fix anytime soon.

Sony Will Launch PlayStation Vue

Image source: vg247.com

Sony has announced that it will launch a new cloud-based TV service called PlayStation Vue, which will be more of an internet-based service. PlayStation Vue will let users watch TV, live or in-demand, without any cable subscription.

Valkyria Chronicles is the Top Bestseller on Steam PC

Back in 2008, Valkyria Chronicles was released exclusively for PS3 and was ported recently in PC on Steam last November 11, and had overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Image source: pcgamer.com

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